Q.1 What is CACAMCS?

Ans. www.cacmacs.in is a leading online portal dedicated to the service of CA, CMA, CS, and other related education in India. The portal serves students preparing for CA CPT, CA IPCC, CA FINAL, CMA FOUNDATION, CMA INTERMEDIATE, CMA FINAL, CS Foundation, CS EXECUTIVE, CS PROFESSIONAL, and other courses in similar fields.

We, at CACMACS use the technical and technology solutions to empower education, by providing comprehensive e-learning systems researched and developed by our team. Our objective is to bridge teachers and students who are separated by geographical distance, offering books, online educational courses, making access available in personal computers, Android devices which include tablets and smart phones.

Q.2 What can I buy from CACMACS?

Ans. Hundreds and thousands of hours of top quality books with video lectures from reputed academies / institutes, classes conducted by best teachers / faculties in India. Please check the course details for more information.

Q.3 How are CACMACS books with video Lectures delivered?

Ans. Pen Drives / Memory sticks / DVD / Direct of appropriate size containing all video lectures are sent at your mailing address. You also get software that allows you to navigate and play all the videos.

Q.4 Can I play the videos on Windows Desktop PC / Laptop?

Ans. Yes, it plays on Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8

Q.5 Can I play the videos on Tablet PC and Smartphone?

Ans. Yes, videos play on any Android Tablet PC. Only Android Smart Phones are supported presently.

Q.6 HCan I play the videos on my PC, Tablet and Phone - all at the same time?

Ans. If you have bought a subject, you can play it only on any one of the devices you have. If you have bought for PC, and you want to play on your tablet as well, it is possible but you will have to purchase a separate license for your tablet. Please call CACMACS sales team for further information on additional fee.

Q.7 Do I need Internet connection to view the Video Lectures?

Ans. No, you do not need internet connection. Our solution does not require internet connection.

Q.8 Can I try CACMACS products before I buy?

Ans. Yes, you can view the sample video lectures listed on www.cacmacs.in. For full video package, you will have to place an order.

Q.9 What are the benefits of CACMACS Video Lectures?

Ans. We bridge teachers and students who are separated by geographical distance, offering educational courses, making access available in your personal computers, Android devices which include tablets and smart phones. This way India’s best faculties are with you all the time to support your learning.

Q.10 I intend to enroll for private tuitions; why should I buy CA Video Lectures?

Ans. Books and Videos from experts around the country who you cannot learn directly from, gives you an advantage over all other private tuitions from local classroom options available.

Q.11 How do I place an order?

Ans. Please visit www.cacmacs.in click on the categories / institutions / faculties names to view the subjects and choose one or more subject as per your interest and requirement , select the licensing plan and click on “Add to Cart” button. Once you select a subject, you will see a cart. You can add multiple subjects / products to your cart. When done, please proceed to make payment using the payment methods provided. Alternatively, please call our customer care number +91-44-2817 1770, +91 98842 36067 to place the order.